• Driveways Can Serve As a Selling Point For a House. Should You Add One If Your House Is Lacking? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About How Driveways Impact The Sale Price

    071S-0002-web_000The truth is that the surface of driveways often stand out as the most prominent feature of homes. Driveways help curb appeal, and it can help the overall aesthetic of the exterior of your home. On the other hand, an old driveway that needs to be repaired can drive the value down. Nice driveways add a big impression to homebuyers. Since buyers will be looking at the outside of your house first, they will notice if the driveway is in bad shape and might take it to mean the rest of your house looks the same. Replacing or adding a driveway can be very necessary in order to have your house make a good impression.

    When a driveway has a lot of cracks in it, it can definitely bring down the overall value of the house. Adding a new concrete driveway will greatly increase your home’s curb appeal which could potentially make your home sell faster. 14e1c0b6f7d44d85b50814c9fe3dd308

    However, you normally get only half of the cost to pour it back in the appraised value of your home. So no, it most likely will not add more value than the cost to pour it. But it might still be necessary because if the driveway is really bad your house might not sell at all. Sometimes an old driveway or yard can be a deal breaker for home buyers. It is possible that your driveway’s cosmetic cracks might have little or no impact on getting it sold. However, it’s also possible that a buyer might see very major or deep cracks and assume they are more than cosmetics hesitate. 54cb302a6bec8_-_driveway-02-0414-lgn

    Keep in mind that if your home is mediocre, you shouldn’t go all out with top of the line materials. If you have decided that you want to build a new driveway, the first thing you should do is be sure to choose a licensed contractor who has proof of liability insurance. You should also be sure to get many written estimates, and also look at photos or properties of his previous work, as that will show you the quality or lack thereof that you can expect to be done to yours.

    Asphalt driveways are being used less often these days with nicer homes, even though it is an extremely good material to use for a driveway. Oil and grease stains don’t show up on it. Also, when it starts looking dull, there are certain seals that can be used to make it look new again. It is also easy to patch any cracks that show after a while. However, it is argued that asphalt doesn’t last as long as concrete. Call a few companies and get an estimate for replacing your driveway. That can help you decide whether or not it’s feasible.

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    2 thoughts on “Driveways Can Serve As a Selling Point For a House. Should You Add One If Your House Is Lacking? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About How Driveways Impact The Sale Price

    • Ed says:

      Is it ok if my driveway is gravel? All of my neighbors have concrete or asphalt driveways. Trying to sell my house. Thanks

      • Larry Campbell says:

        Hi Ed. If your driveway is in good condition, and the front yard is in good shape, I don’t see a huge problem. The point is to make sure your home has excellent curb appeal, as that is extremely important to buyers.

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